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Webflow Development prices

How much can a Webflow development cost?

To give you some rough estimates based on previous projects we've developed, you can find here three main categories of websites depending on their volume and complexity.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Webflow website development costs?

This depends of the scope and the requirements for the final website, but once checked we can offer you a fixed price per project. No surprises, no budget friction. Get in touch to analize together your needs.

How much does a Webflow freelancer costs?

You will probably find a huge gap between hourly rates of Webflow freelancers and developers. Usually they start at $50 per hour and can go up till $200 or even more, but the important fact is that the most advanced senior developers don't charge per hour, because it would mean they charge less the more experienced and efficient they get. Focus instead on developers with fixed pricing, this way you also avoid negative surprises with the budgets.

Do you offer discounts?

No. To ensure a high standard of quality, we don’t offer discounts, but we can offer you a fixed customized price. You can be sure that you will be satisfied with the result.

What's the cost to maintain a Webflow website?

There are no ongoing maintenance costs, except the actual hosting plan on Webflow which are normally around $14 and $39 per month depending on your sites volume. You can check the actual prices on their pricing page. In Webflow you won’t need annoying plugin or theme updates like in WordPress or similar platforms, therefore you won’t have to pay a monthly maintenance service, unless you want to change designs or need someone who should maintain the content.

How many Webflow freelancers do I need for my project?

Every project is different and there is no clear answer, because it depends on the volume of your website and your deadline for the launch. Most projects run smoothly with just one developer, but you should check it with an experienced collaborator to get a solid answer to this question.

What if I need further changes or new developements?

We will be more than happy to assist you with new developments in already shipped projects by us. Just get in touch and we will review and estimate a fixed price for each new development.

Do you make any quality control of the projects?

Yes, during the development and before the final delivery the quality of the result will be checked internally to guarantee you a top-notch result. You can check more information on our "About us" page.

Can I make design and content changes on the fly?

It will be always better to provide us all the final content and designs before we start the development. Nevertheless we will be of course open to small changes you require. Just keep in mind that the development time and budget could increase in that case.

How many people are going to work on my project?

Normally there will be only one developer working on your project. This way we can assure a consistent code and structure of your site, but if your timeline is short and the scope of the project big, we will work in a team of maximum 3 developers.

Do you offer a solution for urgent developments?

Yes, we do offer urgent development for an additional price increasement just get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs on a quick videocall.

What if I’m not happy with the result?

Your satisfaction as a client is our highest priority, this is why all necessary revisions and optimizations are included in the price as long as it isn’t a new design section. You need to be happy and comfortable with the final result before we launch your new website.

Are there any limitations in terms of content, design etc.?

You won't have any limitations in design, content etc. on our side, but you will have to keep in mind the limitations based on your Webflow subscription, which you can check on their pricing page.

What are the payment conditions?

We usually require an 50% upfront payment and the remaining 50% just before the final delivery. Bigger projects can have special payment conditions. Just contact us for further details.

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