How to find and hire good Webflow Freelancers

Finding and hiring good Webflow freelancers can be hard and time consuming. Choose a more efficient way to do it.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a Webflow freelancer costs?

You will probably find a huge gap between hourly rates of Webflow freelancers and developers. Usually they start at $50 per hour and can go up till $200 or even more, but the important fact is that the most advanced senior developers don't charge per hour, because it would mean they charge less the more experienced and efficient they get. Focus instead on developers with fixed pricing, this way you also avoid negative surprises with the budgets.

Where can I find Webflow freelancers?

There are plenty of ways to find reliable Webflow freelancers. One option is to simply try to search in freelancer directories like Malt, Fiverr or Upwork, but you will probably have more luck in the official Webflow Experts page. You can also check the Made in Webflow area to see live projects and get an idea about the quality of an expert. There is also the possibility to check the Webflow templates and contact the author. Webflow has a strict application process, so you could be sure that there are only top Webflow template providers. But if you want to save time and get started as soon as possible you can also get in touch with us for further information.

Is it easy to find Webflow freelancers?

With more than 3.5 million designers and developers using Webflow it should be easy to find one, although you should focus on some key skills to find a solid partner to get you the best results.

What's the cost to maintain a Webflow website?

There are no ongoing maintenance costs, except the actual hosting plan on Webflow which are normally around $14 and $39 per month depending on your sites volume. You can check the actual prices on their pricing page. In Webflow you won’t need annoying plugin or theme updates like in WordPress or similar platforms, therefore you won’t have to pay a monthly maintenance service, unless you want to change designs or need someone who should maintain the content.

How many Webflow freelancers do I need for my project?

Every project is different and there is no clear answer, because it depends on the volume of your website and your deadline for the launch. Most projects run smoothly with just one developer, but you should check it with an experienced collaborator to get a solid answer to this question.

How big is the Webflow community?

Huge is not even a fitting word here. It's an immense and loyal familiy which is growing even in this moment. Currently we are over 3.5 million designers and developers. So if you fear not finding developers, there is a certain guarantee that you won't have any problem with that.

How long does it take to develop a Webflow website?

This depends on the volume and complexity of your project, but normally the development takes between two and four weeks. Bigger projects can get to up to eight weeks.

Do you offer your services as white label partner?

This depends on you. In our experience working as a white label partner often gets messy, because in most cases the final clients find out about the hidden team behind the project and usually gets really confused about what's happening. This is a trust killer and trust is everything, therefore we highly recommend you to introduce us as specialized partner for the development, especially if you want us to participate in client meetings and avoid akward situations.

Is Webflow future proof?

Webflow is currently sitting on a $4 billion valuation. More than 3.5 million developers are launching every day new clients websites and they are using Amazon Web Services as hosting provider, which has more than a 30% market share worldwide. Combine these facts and you will get an idea of how serious Webflow is. There is still a lot of potential for the no-code ecosystem and Webflow is a major player here.

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